Formula of Three – On Maritime Manning


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In my book ‘The Art of Maritime Manning – My Insights‘, I have shared some of my insights or maritime manning industry, which encapsulates two decades of learnings and experiences, in a structured manner. I hope to inspire and motivate more seafarers the world over towards positivity to join this wonderful and rewarding industry for a career that promises satisfaction and success in maritime Manning.

To make any company successful, all team members should have an action plan in mind: What, How, When. He can plot his course of success by answering these 3 simple questions to himself.

What to achieve?
How to achieve?
When to achieve?

As the saying goes ‘Work teaches Work‘, ability of people will teach them how to work. Motivation determines why do we work? And attitude decides how well do we work? Our success depends on who are we associated with and what business philosophy we follow.

To make your company successful you should follow above thoughts to the core, not to miss it’s very important to believe in having empathy for all your associates. Never underestimate any of your assets, especially seafarers.

In my book ‘The Art of Maritime Manning – My Insights’, I have shared structures and anecdotes that aspiring young people can benefit from by inculcating within them the habits and the tools which I believe to have helped me.

Know more about the art of maritime manning and how to be more positive, productive and efficient in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘The Art of Maritime Manning – My Insights’
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