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I have found meditation to be very helpful in maintaining my emotional balance. I’ve been meditating every day; two hours before the sunrise. I get up early at 3 am or sometimes 4 am and meditate for 30 minutes. Meditation embarks me mentally on a journey; a journey to the deepest places of my mind, a journey to wherever I wish to go. The peace of mind it bestows me with helps me keep my cool in even the worst emotional crisis. Doing so, I find myself mentally equipped to prepare the contingency plan for whatever comes at me tomorrow. I always have Plan B followed by Plan C and so far.

Meditation helps me reflect my thoughts, emotions, and sometimes even fate. It grants me the third eye, perhaps sharpens my sixth sense and I can feel whatever the fate holds for me tomorrow— almost as if I can predict the future. I find myself as a visionary who can extend his vision through the time and peek into my fortune. When we meditate, it carves new dimensions into our mind and fills those with peace. Now, the same calmness reflects in our attitude, helping us to pull together even in our most critical crisis and handle the situation wisely.

Thanks to meditation, I can say that I have no problems in my life. Sure, the problems do arise sometimes but my nerves are strong enough to perceive nothing as impossible and I believe, with all my might, that nothing is impossible for you as well. Our destiny lies in our hands. It’s up to us to give our best, put maximum effort, work hard, and get through smiling. Just keep your head cool, give your best shot to every challenge, and leave the rest in God’s hand—who dictates the outcome of every situation. However, it seems as if God himself has bestowed us with a great present to aid us—meditation!

Meditation strengthens both your soul and emotions while purifying your thoughts into only positive ones. When you are spiritually stronger, then going by the say,” Healthy mind, healthy body”, you become physically stronger as well. Remember, the body follows the mind and if your mind has set itself to accomplish something, your spirit drives your body towards that goal as well. I’ve even seen my bodybuilder friends scared at various occasions. It’s not just about growing your arm muscles; you need to grow your brain muscles as well. And what other way, other than meditation, is better at doing so? I’ve seen myself striving but never scared because fear factor generates from our mind and I have strengthened myself mentally to a great extent. This reminds me of an Indian proverb that fits the discussion—“Jo dar gaya, woh mar gaya” which translates to, “He who fears is as good as dead.” Thus, to put a check on your fear, meditation helps enormously by synchronizing your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and body to operate as one strong unit.

During meditation, you can almost feel yourself physically in the office, talking to your employees, dealing with the customers, getting the work done, and in short, you are reflecting upon every part of your life. The more you reflect on, the more you think about, the more you take on a situation with a peaceful mind, the better are the chances for you to excel at it. My last 8 years of meditation have created for me a virtual world from the best parts of my mind and whenever I start meditation, I find myself wandering in this world of joy and peace.

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