Dr. Singh’s Philosophy To Bring A Change In This World


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Today’s world is filled with distress, poverty, hunger, and war. That is why it needs a revolution! We all need to bring that change that is required badly in this world today. However, this change should not be a violent or forceful one. We already have them in abundance. We need a change of minds, change of hearts, and change of life! How can we do it?

To bring that change and make it work, we need three strong elements in our lives. It took a long time for me to discover those but I finally found those in my own life. I figured out that this world needs “Love”. It can stretch beyond the borders and can make a huge impact in this world. But once again, it took me some time to figure out from where does that love come? Can it change the world alone? No! I figured out, love alone doesn’t have the power to change this world. To love and be loved, we first need “Empathy”. What is love without empathy? It is merely an empty vessel! How can we love someone without understanding their pain and their suffering? Unless we feel that prick in our hearts for someone, we cannot love them. Love is not only about that physical attraction; it has profound roots. Without empathy, love doesn’t have the power to create bonds in the hearts. It is only possible with empathy that we can create an abundance of love that stays there forever. With empathy, we can create that selfless love that can last forever and that is the foundation of any relationship. Thus, empathy is the most influential factor when it comes to building relationships and creating love.

However, everything needs to keep going in order to make an impact in this world and that thought helped me to figure out the third and the most important determinant of bringing a change in this world- “Enthusiasm”. In the absence of enthusiasm, every feeling will fade and every force will weaken.

That is why, to bring a change in this world, we need this strong bond of “empathy”, “love” and “enthusiasm”. All of these forces, when working together, can create wonders in this world! And that is what’s required to bring a change in this world and put an end of all physical and mental wars!

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