Eye Contact is one of the best methods of Communication

Eye Contact is One of The Best Methods of Communication


Better communication means better employee engagement in an organisation. If the leader is a good communicator, then it means that the leader is capable of making strong employee engagement. Being able to communicate appropriately with others brings a lot of advantages. It can be said that there are also various ways of communicating with others. For example, if you are interacting with someone, eye contact will make the interaction more valuable and intense.

Eye contact plays a crucial role in the conversation. It ensures that you are attentive to the facts that are shared by the other person during the conversation. It also means that you are engaged or interested in the discussion that you are having. However, only staring is completely different from maintaining eye contact with the other person. Trust me, you do not want to make yourself look like a creep by just staring at the other person by just staring at them. Appropriate eye contact will help in making the conversation much more comfortable. There are certain specific meanings behind eye contact during the conversation, which we will discuss in this blog further.

The implications of eye contact in a conversation are:

• Eye contact in a conversation means you are attentive and assertive.
• Lack of eye contact will make you seem uninterested in the conversation.
• It helps in increasing the engagement.
• You can also use eye contact to show empathy to the other person in the conversation.
• Eye contact also plays a crucial role in active listening.
• It displays honesty in the conversation.

One of the major advantages of making eye contact during the conversation is that it helps in improving the understanding among the people included in the conversation. If you make eye contact, the other person will be able to focus on your facial expression as well as the overall conversation. It can also be considered as a sign of respect towards each other.

A conversation can continue only when all the members are involved appropriately in it. People tend to remember what you said only if you are good at making eye contact during the conversation. According to the experts, the other person also becomes attentive if you are paying full attention to the conversation. This happens, when both the people in an interaction are able to establish strong eye contact.

Eye contact is also beneficial for improving self-awareness. Your behaviour can reflect your feelings or your thoughts during a conversation. You will be able to predict what the others are thinking about you during a conversation. Others can also find you attractive if you are capable of holding eye contact. It is common to observe that several people tend to shy away from a conversation, which means they find you intimidating during the conversation because of the eye contact that you are making. You might seem dominating, but remember you do not need to stare at the other person in order to make yourself seem attentive.

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