Are you a charismatic person? Do you wish you could fine-tune your people skills? Do you want to be a better, more compassionate, and emotionally intelligent leader?
If the question above resonates with you then it’s time to dive into Your Charisma Can Change the World. This book is a personal guide to charisma with chapters based on the key aspects of charisma. Dr Singh has attributed a charismatic trait to each letter in the word CHARISMA and made this book into a one of its kind that will help blossoming charismatic leaders hone their natural abilities.
Your Charisma Can Change the World explores the creativity, individuality, honesty, and ambition of charismatic people. It also looks at more nuanced details, like the ability to emotionally read people, leverage their soft skills, and make others feel important.
If you feel you could further harness your charismatic tendencies, then this book is ready to change your life. Learn more about your potential, starting today.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 | C : Cheerful
  • Chapter 2 | H : Honest
  • Chapter 3 | A : Advanced
  • Chapter 4 | R : Realistic
  • Chapter 5 | I : Independent
  • Chapter 6 | S : Smart
  • Chapter 7 | M : Modern
  • Chapter 8 | A : Ambitious
  • Conclusion

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