Why do we need Empathy?


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As an entrepreneur and business owner for over two decades now, I wonder what is the one human quality that has helped me grow and pursue my passions. After considering many ideas I realize that ‘Being Empathetic’ has been by far the most important skill required in any pursuit – be it professional or personal.

I have been fortunate that my parents guided me towards this quality in my childhood however I am sure if they intended Empathy, and therefore purposefully mentored me, to be my guiding light too.

Empathy cannot be understated as a skill. Empathy allows us to understand our fellow people, build our relationships with them, and ultimately collaborate to solve our mutual problems.  Without empathy, some of the greatest events and inventions in human history would never have come to pass. To empathize with someone is to strip back our masks and layers of protection and see and show who we really are. It can be cathartic and painful, but it can reveal the things we have in common, regardless of where we live, what religion we practice, what color our skin is, or what we do for a living. Empathy makes the world vastly smaller than the size of our planet suggests. It can put a beggar and a king on an even playing field, make friends of a KKK Grand Cyclops and a African-American civil rights advocate, and bring us all closer in a world that often seems bent on pulling us apart. Practicing empathy in your daily life will forge closer bonds for you to everyone in your life and make you a better person for it.

In my book ‘Empathy Is Far More Valuable Than Diamonds’, I have delved deep into the layers of behavior to find a structure which all of us can benefit from by inculcating within us Empathy as our guiding light.

Know more about Empathy and how to be more Empathetic in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘Empathy Is Far More More Valuable Than Diamonds’
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