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For many people, hope is just a word in English literature that has a certain meaning like many other words. It may seem like a simple word. Many people out there think that hope is a power that helps you believe that something good is going to happen in the future. For many, hope exists in many forms. For example, for you, your only hope might be your kid while for others, their parents serve as a ray of hope.

Whatever form it may take, people have indeed failed to understand what hope is! People believe that hope is always optimistic but they fail to understand that it needs to be realistic as well. For me, hope contains in itself a bigger meaning. It has a vast domain and we cannot understand it unless we go deep and find its deep meaning.

Throughout my years in this life, I worked hard to find out why hope is so important and what does it truly means. I figured out that hope means “Honestly Oriented Personal Empathy” because without having the trait of being honestly oriented, one cannot achieve a true understanding of hope. For example, you cannot hope from someone that he will give you a million-dollar if he doesn’t own that amount. How can someone help you when they don’t have the necessary resources to do so? How can someone feed you when they are short of food? That is why I believe that one should be very realistic and oriented when it comes to expecting something from someone or hoping something from this world. That is the real meaning of hope and only then we can practice true empathy!

In Dr. Singh’s upcoming book on the “Real meaning of hope”, he has explained the deeper meaning of hope and how we can apply it into our lives to make it better and realistic. Stay tuned to the book to find out more!

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