The Magic of Love

The Magic of Love



Dr. Binay Kumar Singh is best known as a maritime business owner, author, and speaker. Before he was any of those things, though, he was a husband. In this book, he recounts the origin of his love with Svetlana, shares the secret behind its staying power, and dissects other relationships to provide examples of all that love can do. The Magic of Love is both a love letter to his wife for her birthday and a guide that others can follow.

Dr Binay Kumar Singh is the founder and CEO of Singh Marine Management Ltd based in Odessa, Ukraine. His life mission is to serve the world’s seafarer communities and change the world through positivity, love and enthusiasm; this is reflective in his simple, timeless life philosophy: “Treat people as you like to be treated.”




  1. The Love of My Life
  2. Her Love For Me
  3. Other Examples For All Time
  4. At Our Darkest Hour

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