Role Of Families In The Development Of Nation

Role Of Families In The Development Of Nation


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We all know that families play an important role in one’s life. In the initial stages of our life, our family looks into our welfare, our needs, and many more things. For the proper growth and development of a child, a good environment is necessary. Only when a child grows up amidst a good surrounding, their upbringing is also good.

A child starts to learn from their home. A child always tries to capture, analyze, copy, and understand the behavior of the elders surrounding them. Often the environment and behavior of the family members impact the child.

Well, a healthy family would lead to a healthy life for individuals. Hence, individuals won’t have any criminal records or suffer from any mental illness. Thus, they can contribute to society and even for the nation. But the opposite happens when an individual’s childhood is disturbed one. A child whose family members share a toxic relationship won’t be able to keep the child happy. Hence, the child will grow up as a disturbed person. They won’t be successful in their life or do anything for society or the nation.

So, a child needs to be inculcated with good values right from an early stage. This, in turn, would help them to become good human beings. When they become good human beings, they can easily contribute to society and eventually to the nation.

Importance Of Families

In the modern world, life has changed drastically. With technological advancements, cultural norms to priorities are getting changed. Hence, the importance of family in today’s world is sometimes questioned. But no matter what changes life holds, the importance of families in one or other form would remain the same.

While the importance of a family towards the development of a society is a known fact. But, its important role in nation-building is a matter of question for some people.

Skill Training

Skill training for youth would also help in nation-building. Families should encourage their children to study and become well educated in their life. With the right education and skills, one can easily get a good job in the administration or other sectors. At the same time, it must be kept in mind that a person’s characteristics are important in society and also for the nation. A person with good education and sound physical and mental health would set the stage for future generations so that they also get the right physical environment for their upbringing.

Ethical Training

Families should train their kids with good ethical and cultural values to make them good citizens. As they grow up, they can pave the path for the social development of society. For instance, one should take up the responsibility of instilling good values in children, so that they become good citizens. As a good citizen, one should be trained to take care of those suffering around them; just like families take care of their members during illness or hard times. Giving a helping hand to all those needy is the best way to build society and eventually the nation.

Nation Development

The responsibility of developing a nation is not only on the shoulders of government officials but should be on the shoulders of today’s youth and their good virtues. No matter whether one is in the role of a responsible father, husband, son, or business professional, they should have good values in them. A person with good values would automatically help to improve the nation.

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