ODESSA – My City, My Home



Odessa has been called the Pearl of the Black Sea, and rightfully so. It is a magnificent city of industry and the most powerful port in the region. It has a rich culture dating back hundreds of years and has been the scene of some of the most important cultural and historical events of the past century. Join Dr. Binay Singh as he explores Odessa from one end to another in this fascinating travel guide dedicated to his adopted home.
Dr. Singh first came here more than twenty years ago as a wide-eyed Indian student away from home for the first time. He fell in love with Odessa from afar in the catalog promoting its university life and set his mind on getting there no matter what. From the day he arrived, he was enamored with his new home and has written this guide to show others just what a magnificent jewel Odessa is. From its museums and attractions to restaurants and nightlife, to a look back into its powerful history, you can take this marvelous trip along with Dr. Singh as he gives you the insider’s view of the best places to visit to truly soak up every ounce of the beauty of Odessa.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Overview and History
  • Chapter 2: Power of the People
  • Chapter 3: Natural Beauty
  • Chapter 4: Museums and Attractions
  • Chapter 5: Arts and Entertainment
  • Chapter 6: Sports
  • Chapter 7: Nightlife and Restaurants
  • Chapter 8: Why do people leave Odessa?
  • Chapter 9: What makes Odessa unique?
  • Conclusion

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