From the first time that I met Capt. Rajesh, I could tell that there was something special about him. He stood out to me in the best possible way, although I did not know for certain why. It was soon obvious what it was that made him distinctive. At a meeting, one that would change the course of my entire life, he made his value clear to me. He showed me that angels could walk the Earth and that entrepreneurs could think and act as selflessly as even the most beloved saints.

That day was, it turned out, the beginning not only of an important business relationship but also of an important friendship. All the years since, more than seventeen as of this writing, Capt. Rajesh and I have stayed in touch. We have grown ever closer, sharing a vision for the maritime industry and discussing our greatest ambitions with each other. Because I know that a moment with him is always worthwhile, I set aside time to meet him every time I visit New Delhi. That is how crucial my connection with him is.

There is much more to this story, though. To fully explain my bond with Capt. Rajesh, I need to go back to the start, back to the earliest days of our business dealings, back to the meeting that showed me who he was. In my book Capt. Rajesh Deshwal – Smart Maritime Entrepreneur, I do precisely that. I walk you through my initial interactions with the man who has become my confidant. As well, I break down the reasons that he has been so successful as an entrepreneur, striking gold every time he takes on a new venture.

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