Important Strategies To Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Important Strategies To Overcome Fear & Anxiety


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Fear and anxiety can create havoc in one’s life. Fear could be about anything, such as fear of not performing well or fear of losing some near and dear one or anything. On the other hand, anxiety is a fear that makes one worried about the future. So both fear and anxiety can bring a lot of problems in our life. If they are not dealt with with caution, it can affect the physical and mental stability of a person.

If one starts to ignore their fear and anxiety, it can be problematic in the long run. To overcome fear and anxiety, one can take help from their loved one. However, there are many other ways to get rid of fear and anxiety.

There are many ways to overcome fear and anxiety. They are:

Learn More About Fear

You can’t overcome fear unless you know about it or it remains hidden in the subconscious. When you turn towards your fear you will know exactly what it is. Once you write down about it, dealing with the fear would be easier.

Use Imagination In Positive Way

Try to use imagination in a positive manner. Imagination gives the power of creativity and also to think outside the box. So, one can use imagination to overcome one’s fears. Rather it can make things better instead of worse. one can imagine themselves in a situation that triggers fear. Then one should imagine ways through which they can overcome that fear. For instance, if one fears a crowded market then one should start to imagine how to overcome that fear of crowded places. Once they are able to cross that crowded place without fear, the same won’t happen in real life.

Focus On Breathing

Breathing can be a good exercise to overcome fear. Breathing is a higher priority than you naturally suspect. Typically, nervousness starts with short breaths. The short breaths cause various negative responses in your body which immediately become a mental breakdown. The way to defeat those quick episodes of uneasiness is to control your relaxation.

Luckily, profound breathing isn’t convoluted. Whenever you have perceived that you are becoming unfortunate, pause and relax. Calmly inhale in, and afterward, leisurely let it out. Ensure your breathe out is longer than your breath in the process. This isn’t simply some mental stunt; profound breathing powers your body to quiet itself genuinely.

These are some simple ways to overcome fear and anxiety in your life. But still, if you need some kind of motivation in your life, you can go through the inspirational and motivational books written by Dr. Singh.

Dr. Binay Singh is a renowned motivational speaker cum author who has penned many books on mental health, positivity, well-being, and more. Some of his books, like Guide to Positive Mental Health, Mr. Positive: Dr. Singh’s Guide To Living Your Best Life, etc are worth reading. It would help one to stay healthy both physically and mentally by overcoming their fear.

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