Dreaming Of A Beautiful World Without War

Dreaming Of A Beautiful World Without War


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Can we really imagine a world without war? It is quite difficult to imagine a world without war and only peace.

The world will not have to make several strategies and plans to protect itself from foreign threats. The world will be beautiful without war but it has certain effects for the same.

Peace across the globe 

When there is the peace it will mean there will be no looming threat in the world. The country will be only preparing for its growth and development strategies.

There won’t be any fear of losing the country to another country. People can travel across the globe without severe questionnaires and several procedures to prove the purpose of the stay. The inter-country stay will be much easier with the peace prevailing in the countries.


The world will follow the non-violent motive where they will have no fear, anxiety, and panic while traveling and stepping out of their house. The caste will be left for the sake of the names.

The families won’t be petrified every day of the fear of losing their near and dear ones. The countries can take up measures to plan for a better future for the country that will promote consistent growth.

The purpose of the country is to promote the welfare of the system with the maximum utility. The countries can plan the strategies to develop and ensure the growth of the same.

The head of the countries will execute the plan to ensure the complete growth of the world. Each country will help others to grow as a whole.

No reason for army protection 

There won’t be any requirement to protect the country with the army. The families who lost youths in the war will sleep in peace. The countries will not mourn the death of their youths.

These youths can better be employed in different sectors to promote the growth of the country. The borders will be empty with peace prevailing across the world. The countries will focus on mass growth than planning the destruction which has no prominent future.

The planning of destruction does no good for the country. It only destroys mass development.


The world without war may seem like a real world but it can be a truth with added measures. If the countries are determined to make it possible then it will be a reality for the mass benefit.

The plan and strategies for destruction do no good for the countries so it is better to plan for development instead which will bring growth to the world. If the world plans for growth it can plan to see a better future soon.

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