It takes a leader to write a book about leadership, and no one fits the bill better than Dr Binay Singh. Two decades ago he started his own company from the ground up with the desire to do the best job possible in the seafarer recruiting industry and treat every person he came in contact with – be they clients, partners, or employees – with the utmost respect, joy, and compassion he could. Now he turns those best practices he has spent a lifetime developing into this refreshing book on leadership training in which he imparts the guidelines and secrets that have made him an award-winning businessman and a revolutionary leader. Dr. Singh loves engaging with others, sharing knowledge, and motivating his employees to great heights. When you’ve read his Guide to Leadership Training, you’ll be well on your way to your own business success.


  • Introduction: What you can achieve by reading this guide
  • Chapter 1: The Trails That Make a Great Leader
  • Chapter 2: Learning from Experience
  • Chapter 3: Advantages of Being a True Leader
  • Chapter 4: Challenges of Being a True Leader
  • Conclusion: Leadership in the 21st Century

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