An initiate to save our planet from the dreadful war

An Initiate to Save Our Planet from the Dreadful War


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War has a severe impact on the entire universe so we need to be aware of the impacts to serve the solution of saving the planet. DrBinay Singh inspires us to be aware of the impacts to get to the solution.

One can get the best solution with the book curated by DrBinay Singh stated as A beautiful war without war. The purpose of the book is to aware the audience of a situation where the world eliminates war and promotes growth.

Here are the impacts of the war that needs to be optimized for effective results

Impact on the environment 

The hazardous chemicals and pollution imparted through the impact of war destroy humankind. The series of a generation deals with the severe impact of the chemicals which harms the environment resulting in the poor growth of suitable crops for our survival.
There stimulates a huge crunch in food availability which unstabilizes the entire community. We can witness a huge change in the environment owing to the war. There are instances when people get affected by the impact of environmental disasters through war.

Impact on health 

The impact on health due to war is huge owing to the deadly usage of arms and ammunition. There are instances where an entire city was destroyed due to the impact of the effects of war.

People also inherit several related issues from time to time. They are the victims of the war without any direct involvement with the war.

Impact on human 

The war affects not only the health but also the external condition of humankind. Normal human beings get affected by the war since it compels their life get scattered.

People lose their jobs and sit scared at home to save their lives. The students get stagnated with their work which impacts the quality of their studies.
The foreigners are compelled to leave their life midway and return to their native without any prior settlement. It becomes a complete inconvenience for the people involved.

People need to constantly motivate themselves to continue with their life. It is very important to check the importance of war so that people can collectively work their way against the same.

Some ways to save the planet 

The impacts of the war are severe which calls for urgent concentration on the ways one needs to adopt to save the planet. It is our planet that we need to preserve to produce maximum output. These are effective ways to promote the protection of the planet.

Stop the war 

The best way to stop the war is to promote the best way of promoting peace. The impact of peace will be highly beneficial for the growth of the planet.

If the world ceases the war then the negative effects of war will get nullified. The war destroys the purpose of growing humankind. The impact of ceasing the war can save the planet from the severe effects of war.

There will be a huge cut down on the finances required for war purposes. The finances come much later, the important point here is that it saves the planet from the looming threats of destruction. When the war subsided it saves the planet from the severities of war.

Produce more food 

The implementation of producing more food on the selected area of land is required for maximum food availability. It is easier to increase the land for agriculture but that is not environment-friendly. We need to find effective ways to produce maximum food on a confined number of lands.

Professionals are required who qualify to produce effective growth in a confined area. These techniques can only save the planet from threats that will harm the entire process of growth of the planet.

Maintain Stability 

It is very crucial to maintain stability in every sphere of the work. When we use something as humans we tend to forget the limit of the usage. There is a severe need to know the proper usage of the resources otherwise there can be a severe crunch shortly.


The world is planning several ways to save the planet by any means. A collective understanding can help the awareness work and minimize the reasons for war and maximize the reason for ceasing the war. For more relevant information you must read ‘Let’s save our planet together’ which will enrich you with relevant knowledge.

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