Training for cadets to Work on Ship

About the Course:

The internet lures cadets to various interests and monopolizes their time if they are careless. However, if you aim to establish your career as a professional Cadet, you need to follow a strict disciplined life that can prepare you for all challenges at the sea.
Without proper training at professional level, it is never possible to have a smooth transition from the maritime academy to the first sea assignment. I have seen many cadets leave their training in the middle failing to cope with the high stress and after that they get depressed.
Intending to provide the best possible guidance to young cadets at an early stage, I have developed this dedicated training session for future mariners. Here, I will build the mindset of the young cadets that will help them to prepare for all possible hard challenges of the sea. With better mental preparation I am sure any cadets overcome the stress.

Course Content

  • Employer’s requirement for cadets 
  • How to deal with Job Scarcity in Maritime 
  • Importance in Learning 
  • Important tips to get ahead in School
  • Need to spend time in research 
  • How to be attractive to every interviewer 
  • You can work some extra job for experience 
  • How to choose job carefully


From College to Ship

by Dr. Binay Singh 

The Course is Recommended For

  • Students of all age 
  • Young Professional
  • Anyone Struggling in life with any Mental Challenges