Soft Skills Development for Seafarers

About the Course:

Communication soft skill is a vital part of seafarers career as they strive forward. From the beginning part of their career, they need to master the skill as it can help them to develop valuable professional relationships with various people. The soft skills can also help them to understand the cultural values of people, who are from the other part of the globe. 

With better soft skills any seafarer can be a perfect team player and in later stages, they can easily inherit the leadership skill that can help them in the latter part of their career. The current training is designed for all types of seafarers in the form of a 3 days program, where you can learn each step with the importance of soft skills. 


  • Need for Soft Skills
  • Need for Communication Skills
  • Components of Communication Skills
  • Effects of Lack of Soft Skills
  • Ways to Develop Soft Skills
  • Exercises & Conclusion
  • Quiz 1


  • Need for Leadership Skill
  • Effects of Lack of Leadership Skill
  • Ways to Develop Leadership Skill
  • Exercise & Conclusion
  • Need for Teamwork Skill
  • Effects of Lack of Teamwork Skill
  • Ways to Develop Teamwork Skill
  • Need for Problem Solving Skill
  • Effects of Lack of Problem Solving Skill
  • Ways to Develop Problem Solving Skill
  • Exercise and Conclusion
  • Quiz 2


  • Need for Work Ethics
  • Effects of Lack of Work Ethics
  • Ways to Develop Work Ethics
  • Exercise & Conclusion
  • Need for Flexibility
  • Effects of Lack of Flexibility
  • Ways to Develop Flexibility
  • Need for Interpersonal Skills
  • Effects of Lack of Interpersonal Skills
  • Ways to Develop Interpersonal Skills
  • Exercise & Conclusion
  • Quiz 3
  • Conclusion


Soft Skills For Seafarers

by Dr. Binay Singh 

The Course is Recommended For

  • All seafarers, who are facing challenges with communication in the workplace
  • Aspirant seafarers, who want to have basic ideas.