Making the World Better One Step At A Time

The Selfless Fund is my newest, most important undertaking. It as a step towards a better world. Not through financial handouts or meaningless symbolism, but through action and sincerity!

This is done in a multitude of ways, and I’d like to outline those key points of action in the following section to show you the unique approach The Selfless Fund takes to changing the world in truly meaningful ways.


Yes, the majority of my target demographic is impoverished, and we provide resources that help that in an appropriate manner, but myself, and the rest of The Selfless Fund team, aim to change lives in far deeper ways than just helping financially or providing skill sets to those in need. Our first method of creating change is to inspire.

We provide inspirational coaching and guidance to help people help themselves. As the saying goes “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime”. By inspiring people to take control of their lives and their happiness, we provide a lifetime of potential success that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable for many of our service recipients.

Financial Support

Through my personal funds, our fundraising efforts, and the donations of kind-hearted and generous individuals such as yourself, The Selfless Fund provides much needed funding to those who truly need it.
This is different than other charities that you may have donated to. You’re not donating to a general goal with several branches that all take from your donation. When you donate to The Selfless Fund, your donation goes directly to a recipient that is deemed to be truly in need of the financial support.

I personally vet all potential recipients to find individuals who could do many great things if only they had the funding necessary to do so, or people who have tried their best to find success on their own, but just can’t seem to get what their hard work has earned them.
By donating to a cause that directly funds the people it claims to help, you know that your donation is being used properly, and a real, truly needy, individual is benefiting from it directly.

Inspiring Entrepreneurship

As I said earlier, I believe providing people with the mindsets and tools necessary to find success is much more meaningful and valuable than simply throwing money at them. That is why I have dedicated an entire segment of The Selfless Fund’s mission to inspiring young, impoverished, people to take the steps necessary to go into business for themselves. This sets them up for a much more fulfilling life that they can truly find happiness in, without planning to be employed and working towards someone else’s goals their entire life.


We provide one-on-one mentoring opportunities to help needy youth develop the skills necessary to succeed and live life, rather than letting life live them. This is a global endeavor, as we believe youth around the world deserve the help of more experienced, highly-trained, mentors regardless of their origin of birth, and it goes hand in hand with developing a better future through today’s youth.

100% Employment

Our biggest, “reach for the stars” goal is to increase employment among those capable to 100% world-wide. This is a massive goal that many doubt, but we believe aiming for the stars is the best way to make the most change. We will not stop our mission until there is not a single needy person struggling to find and maintain employment in this world. Anything less would be leaving our mission incomplete.