Making the World Better One Step At A Time

The Selfless Fund is our newest, most important undertaking. It is a step towards a better world. Not through financial handouts or meaningless symbolism, but through action and sincerity!

Our fund is designed to financially aid those who are suffering in our cruel world without any obligation to fulfil any sort of requirements. It is simply there to help the world heal. We want people to know there is a better way, and we will freely provide them with the knowledge of Dharma Sukh.


Our vision is to first provide everyone with the tools and resources they need to thrive in life. We are always approaching our initiative with excitement and an unmatched level of vigour because we know that people need us to change their lives for the better. 

Our Mission

The only mission the Selfless Fund has is to give the needy the tools they need to build their own personal lives and the lives of those in their communities. 

Yes, we provide funding and dole out money to help with this, but that is not the main way that we provide help. Financial aid can only go so far. Instead, we focus on developing the personal skills of each needy one so they can make a real difference and expand the results of our mission farther than our money ever could. By providing that person with the essential tools of life, we help them help many more families over the course of their own lifetime, and we teach them the values of our mission to ensure it grows and has a lasting impact on the world. 

See, many of the conditions people, especially children, live in are brought about by generations of poor education, low-quality medical care, and being told their entire lives that they are nothing more than underprivileged children. They can’t be expected to thrive when that is all they know. So, we provide them with the opposite. 

We aim to see this mission through, and our team is as excited and ready to go as ever. Some of the aspects include:

Skill Development

Marketable skills are what separates jobseekers from employment. Honing in on a person’s strengths and curating them for the workforce can propel prospective employees to success. The significance of skill development does not go amiss, especially in today’s competitive employment marketplace.

That’s why we commit to providing opportunities through skill development. We can help identify, focus, and improve existing skills while leveraging a person’s strengths to create new ones. Trust that your donations will introduce the resources and expertise young candidates need to change their employment prospects for the better.


You’ve probably heard the term, “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” The nature of the working environment today brings elements of truth to that statement, considering many more candidates get hired today based on trust rather than knowledge. We aim to build a network for candidates to introduce them to key players in their desired career paths.

The recipient of your donation will see their horizons broadened with the financial support they need to attend networking events. They’ll see their network grow through events, education, and industry seminars to expand their trust in their chosen circle and, ultimately, their employability.


Those young, impoverished, and less fortunate don’t see the same number of available resources to improve their livelihoods and find beneficial opportunities. The Selfless Fund seeks to rectify that notion by connecting these people with everything they need to build character and forge a road to success for themselves.

Donations into the fund will contribute towards educational materials, learning assets, courses, and job placements that will turn their lives around. These youngsters will have you to thank for providing the essentials that no one else would from their communities. They will thrive with your contributions to The Selfless Fund.

Our Humanitarian Project for Ukraine

On February 26th, 2022, the Russian Federation launched an unprecedented and unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Since the launch of the invasion, the world has watched in horror as millions of innocent Ukrainian people have lost everything. Their despicable crimes have seen homes destroyed, families torn apart, and countless lives lost.

However, Vladimir Putin had not considered the resilience of the Ukrainian people. The nation came together to resist the Russian Armed Forces and inspire the world to get behind the resolve of Ukraine. Kremlin-connected sanctions, humanitarian donations, and delivered armaments are helping the nation sustain the invasion. However, we believe we can do much more for these brave souls.

We have launched a new initiative based on finding employment for displaced Ukrainians. Learn more about our humanitarian project for Ukraine below.

Our Goals

We aim to provide as much support as possible to displaced Ukrainians who have lost their livelihoods because of Russia’s reckless and abhorrent invasion. Donations and charity can only go so far that we believe in giving these civilians much more than just goods and services. We want to offer them employment to create a sustainable life during these heartbreaking times.

Our goals are to give displaced Ukrainians advice and support for employment, fostering new ventures in the transport, IT, logistics, and consumer goods sectors. Ukraine has become a brilliant hub for such industries in recent years. We will build a platform to connect the world with the extraordinary skill sets and knowledge of the Ukrainian people to give them employment opportunities and facilitate contributions to Ukraine for leading organizations.

The Value of Ukrainian Employment

Ukraine has become a central hub for technology in Europe and the world. Many prominent applications worldwide saw development in Ukraine, showcasing how Ukrainians are fast becoming valued employees on the global stage. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of many valued skills Ukrainian developers possess.

The value of Ukrainian employment is priceless. The wealth of skills and handicrafts available in the country is increasingly invaluable to cutting-edge organizations. We want to show the world that hiring a Ukrainian will help provide relief for their concerned families and benefit their company goals in the long run.

How Are We Helping

We strive to provide humanitarian assistance to displaced Ukrainians by building a platform that connects prospective employers with the outstanding skills of these civilians. Supporting and embracing these connections will bring the most excellent form of assistance to a country devastated by war. It helps them piece their lives back together once the crisis is over and Ukraine prevails.

Using Ukrainian employment is the best way to support the nation during these challenging times. Ultimately, you’ll have a strong business relationship that benefits your organization forever. Our humanitarian project aligns with our Selfless Fund to ensure not a single needy person remains unemployed. We want to make sure Ukrainians get opportunities to thrive when their circumstances are beyond their control.

Show your support for Ukraine by leveraging the skills the people have to offer.

Financial Support

Through our personal funds, fundraising efforts, and the donations of kind-hearted and generous individuals such as yourself, The Selfless Fund provides much needed funding to those who truly need it.

This is different from other charities that you may have donated to. You’re not donating to a general goal with several branches that all take from your donation. When you donate to The Selfless Fund, your donation goes directly to a recipient that is deemed to be truly in need of financial support.

We personally vet all potential recipients to find individuals who could do many great things if only they had the funding necessary to do so, or people who have tried their best to find success on their own, but just can’t seem to get what their hard work has earned them.

By donating to a cause that directly funds the people it claims to help, you know that your donation is being used properly, and a real, truly needy, individual is benefiting from it directly.

Inspiring Entrepreneurship

As we said earlier, we believe providing people with the mindsets and tools necessary to find success is much more meaningful and valuable than simply throwing money at them. That is why we have dedicated an entire segment of The Selfless Fund’s mission to inspiring young, impoverished, people to take the steps necessary to go into business for themselves. This sets them up for a much more fulfilling life that they can truly find happiness in, without planning to be employed and working towards someone else’s goals their entire life.


We provide one-on-one mentoring opportunities to help needy youth develop the skills necessary to succeed and live life, rather than letting life live them. This is a global endeavor, as we believe youth around the world deserve the help of more experienced, highly-trained, mentors regardless of their origin of birth, and it goes hand in hand with developing a better future through today’s youth.

100% Employment

Our biggest, “reach for the stars” goal is to increase employment among those capable of 100% world-wide. This is a massive goal that many doubt, but we believe aiming for the stars is the best way to make the most change. We will not stop our mission until there is not a single needy person struggling to find and maintain employment in this world. Anything less would be leaving our mission incomplete.