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At GMC, we are most often viewed as a community, or a hub for the maritime industry. However, we are far more than that. We are a bastion of leadership, hope, and prosperity for the maritime industry and all those who rely on it to live their lives and make their dreams come true.

We aim to establish new industry-wide standards that have a lasting positive impact on not only the maritime industry, but on the world as a whole, too. We do this by guiding maritime businesses into new and innovative practices that provide a better service to those relying on them, and we promote character traits that spread something more than just goods and services; they spread human compassion and embolden people the world over to live more positive and happy lives.

Here are some of the ways GMC is working towards a brighter future:

Empowering Maritime Professionals

First and foremost, GMC aims to provide maritime professionals with the guidance needed to excel in their endeavors. We actively work on new and innovative crew management practices, navigation skills and resources, to ensure that maritime businesses are able to reach their peaks and expand beyond the limitations they have struggled with for so long.
We believe that by empowering these brave seafarers with the tools necessary to reach new heights, we can change the industry for the better and affect the globe in a way never before imagined.

Spreading Positive and Compassionate Treatment of Our Peers

Maritime professionals are in a unique position. They travel the globe delivering the goods many rely on for their own businesses, and that means they have the innate ability to spread messages on a much larger scale than the average person does.
By reinforcing the importance of optimism, kindness, confidence, and compassion, we sow the seeds of a brighter future. Those seeds are then spread across the globe each time one of our peers travels far and wide, treating others the way they want to be treated themselves, and spreading the joy of kindness to everyone they come into contact with. Obviously, with the advent of technology, everyone can do this to some extent, but our peers in the maritime industry can do it in a hands-on, face-to-face way that truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Creating a True Community

Besides our own endeavors in the maritime and HR fields, we bring maritime professionals together in an environment where they can learn and thrive together. This brings the most talented and experienced maritime minds together to speed up innovation, better the industry, and create better, more service-driven individuals who truly enjoy doing what they do.

The Essence of Leadership in Maritime ~ Dr Binay Singh

GMC Members



Founder of Global Maritime Community (GMC) – Dr. Binay Singh, who is living Maritime Life and whose life’s mission is to get employment for all seafarers of the world. His slogan is “Seafarers living in my heart and your happiness is my happiness”



Currently the Market Development Manager for South East Asia and Pacific, looking after the Sales and Commercial Business of the Fleet Performance Management Unit at Stormgeo, Singapore which is a very similar earlier role in the Digital Solutions and Innovation ECO space at DNV GL. Prior to this, he was Head of GL Systems Certification and Head of GL Academy in South Asia. Before joining GL, Kaushik was the Vice President (Technical) with Aquarius Services, an associate of Anglo Eastern Ship Management, a Ship Surveyor, Lead Auditor & Global Lead Tutor with Lloyd’s Register, Country Manager-India with ABS Quality Evaluations, Quality Manager with Applied Research International-Simulations and a sailing Chief Engineer with Great Eastern Shipping Company. With over 35 years of Industry Experience, his daily dose of fresh ideas stems from the philosophy that ‘Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!’



Amit is a very passionate individual who has a dedication for the Maritime Industry, especially to young seafarers. He is selflessly working around the clock to build a beautiful world for youth.

Mr. Amit Sharma is dynamic, detail-oriented and hardworking seafarer with a strong focus on delivering the quality service to shipping industry. His sheer dedication and passion towards his assignments is worth mentioning. He is a top-notch mariner who has gained a wide sailing experience in maritime.

He has the expertise in areas of leadership, team effectiveness, corporate management, organizational development and human resource management. He has inspired many young cadets to join shipping industry under his best capabilities. His advice and mentorship has helped many young cadets to avoid fraudulent and secure good position in the industry.

During COVID-19, Amit is working tirelessly to nurture and guide young aspirants through Global maritime community. His social dedication and human nature will benefit many seafarers through our common integrated platform.



Mohit Kapoor has worked in Marketing & PR departments for 25 years in various organizations. He started his carrier as a supervisor in a process plant and then took a leap in sales and marketing management positions for various organizations.

Having entrepreneurial skills and international exposure, he has created many technical forums in India & overseas to bridge the knowledge gap involving the entire value chain of businesses. He is the founder of technical programs like India Drilling & Exploration Conference (IDEC), Offshore Jack Up Middle East (OJME), EPC in Oil & Gas, Oman Drilling & Exploration Symposium (ODES), Women in the Energy Sector (WIES), India Well P&A & Decomm Workshop (IPWAD), Offshore Support Vessel Conclave (OSVC), India Unconvenitonal Gas Forum (IUGF), & Egypt Hydrocarbon Summit (EHCS).

Mohit is the founder of an App ‘ASSETSUR’ for the marine industry & co-founder of Energy Hub, oil & gas & marine industry online training academy.

He has developed new markets & products globally. He is a team player & have always worked towards developing and delivering models for strategic growth of the organization. An Engineer by profession, he has developed skills in Strategic Marketing Management, Business development, PR and Effective Communication skills through the years working in the industry.

He is a board member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Mumbai Section, Board member of Maritime Awareness Program Society (MAPS), Charter Board Member of All India Oilfield Service Providers (AIOSP) & Hon. Secretary, International Trade Advisory Board, Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. He was the Chief Editor of an international bi-monthly journal “Oil & Maritime” being published from Mumbai.

He is a core group member for various international conferences viz: Oil Spill India (OSI), India Clean Seas Conference (ICSC), SamrtMaritime Sector INAvation & Regional Maritime Safety Conference (RMSC).

He has the expertise to developing new businesses & international markets. He is also representing overseas company in India for business development.



Ms Sonali Banerjee completed her DMET in 1999, and sailed on Oil Tankers and bulk carriers until she cleared her MEO Cl I. She quit sailing thereafter to start her family. She served as a Manning Superintendent with MSC Ship Management, thereafter served as Technical Managers to Offshore company Samson maritime and is currently serving as Senior Surveyor with Indian Register of Shipping.

She is very passionate about Women in the Maritime industry and loves to encourage women’s induction in Maritime at sea as well as ashore.



Olympia Papazoglou is an entrepreneur in Maritime and Oil and Gas Industry, active in oil trading and in full turnkey capital projects management and execution.

She is an Msc Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who studied in the National Techinical University of Athens, Greece.

During her 9 years career in Maritime and Oil and Gas Industry, she has worked for major multinational companies (American Bureau of Shipping, Damen Group, Trimline) occupied since the very beginning of her career leadership roles. She has a significant portfolio of shipbuilding, offshore construction, conversion and major repair projects.

In addition to her main activities, Olympia is an ICF certified executive coach using her skills to help leaders in both industries to reach major breakthroughs, achieve their highest goals and thrive in a significant short period of time.

Olympia is very passionate to Seafarers community – “I love to inspire seafarers and others maritime professionals to reach their dreams and their fullest potential through cooperation and self-belief.”

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If you are a maritime professional, and you are looking to join a community focused on serving you in ways you never thought possible, we urge you to contact us today.

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