About the Course:

You can find a thousand of the most technically skilled seafarers, put them all on one ship, and watch them accomplish nothing – if they don’t know how to treat each other and how to interact with each other. Unless seafarers grasp the basics of etiquette, they are like two sailboats passing each other on a lake, never coming close enough to each other to pass even a single message between themselves.

In my training session on Etiquettes for seafarers, I will help you to understand the importance of the same and how you can apply it in real-time. There also will be case studies that will help you to understand the issues that seafarers face in sea life.

Course Content

  • The Need for Etiquettes
  • The Golden Rule of Life
  • Signs That You Need to Change
  • Important Tips 
  • Case Study


From College to Ship

by Dr. Binay Singh 

The Course is Recommended For

  • All young seafarers, who are beginning their careers in the Maritime industry
  • All seafarers, who are struggling with proper communication etiquette